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Minimum Cibil Score For Personal Loan

A CIBIL Score is a consumer's credit score. It is a 3-digit numeric summary of a consumer's credit history and a reflection of the person's credit profile. This is based on past credit behavior, such as borrowing and repayment habits as shared by banks and lenders with CIBIL on a regular basis. In today's time consumers turn to credit cards or loan to achieve their goal and to complete their own dream. The Civil score is important factor to measure for access credit limit and loan. If your CIBIL score is good you can get easily instant cash loan from Finheal Capital app Download Now.

If you don't take good care of your credit, then your credit won't take good care of you.

Minimum Cibil Score For Business Loan

A CIBIL score, also known as credit score, is a summarized report of an individual’s payments of loans taken from banks and other financial institutions. A high CIBIL score gives them some assurance of getting back the loan amount, while a poor score raises a red flag. good score expedites the loan approval process, and makes you eligible for a higher loan amount and better rate of interest, and too from a wider range of lender.

A borrower with a good score will be eligible for a higher loan amount. The CIBIL score ranges from 300 - 900, 300 being the lowest and 900 being the highest. A CIBIL score is taken into consideration when one tries to avail a business loan. Usually, a score of 750 and above is considered safe while one trying to secure a business.

Cibil Score Range

• 300 - 599:A score below 600 vastly reduces the chances of securing a personal loan. It conveys the borrower’s poor credit history to the lenders.
• 600 - 749:The chances of being eligible for personal loans with these middling scores exist, but the chances are lower than those with a score of over 750.
• 750 - 900:There are high chances of a borrower being eligible for a loan with scores in this bracket. With these scores, he can also negotiate for a higher loan amount and a lower rate of interest.

Reason Behind Low Cibil Score

Number of loans Period of payment Take debt in proportion Closing old credit lines Saving account Current account Trading account Your annual income Your level of education.

What To Lender Check Before Approving You Business Loan

Cibil Score and Report

It is one of the most important factors that affect your loan approval. A good credit score and report is a positive indicator of your credit health.

Employment Status

Apart from a good credit history, lenders also check for your steady income and employment status. If you are a business owner, those details would be checked by the lender.

Account Details

Suit filed or written off cases is carefully examined by lenders.

Payment History

Lenders check for any default on payments or amount overdue cases, which might project a negative overview of your overall report.

EMI to Income Ratio

Banks also consider the proportion of your existing loans when compared to your income. Your chances of loan approval get reduced if your total EMIs exceed your monthly income by 50%.

Tips To Improve CIBIL Score For Loan

• Pay your monthly dues on your Credit Card within the stipulated due date every month and keep away from paying just the minimum amount due.
• Eliminate using Credit Cards with low balances by paying them off as soon as possible or transferring them to another existing card.
• If you feel you might miss out on the payment of dues inadvertently, opt for an auto-debit.
• Make sure you read the loan document thoroughly and clear your doubts before signing on the dotted line.
• Check your credit report before applying for a loan to ensure there are no errors or omission of transactions.

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To Apply For A Personal Loan Through App

The process to get a personal loan through mobile application (Download Now) is very quick. You just need to follow these simple steps from loan app.
1. Download and install the application for the further process.
2. Enter your mobile number and fill your details.
3. Upload all the valid documents for verification purpose.
4. Once your application is approved accept the terms & Conditions.

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